KC High in the news – Students all set for brainstorming session

Original Article Source: The Hindu

For eight middle-school students from K.C. High, the next two months before the ‘Tournament of Champions,’ as part of the World Scholars Cup where they are competing in November, promises to be one filled with brainstorming sessions and going through pages of content.

The students, who had all participated in different teams in the global rounds of the World Scholars Cups at Greece, Hanoi and Cape Town, all placed among the top ten teams in South Asia in their respective global rounds.

“The events at the Scholars Cup are such that we enjoy the experience more than simply being focussed on studying for it. Since there are so many students from diverse cultures, it is an amazing bonding experience,” said Vikhram Seshadri . He along with his team mates, Aadithan Arunachalam and Vyaas Shankar from KC High as well, placed third in South Asia at the global round in Cape Town.

Kriyash Karthikeyan and Arihant Kumar Jain, who also were at the global round in Cape Town along with their teammate Anika, from Pathway World School, Arvali, placed first in the South Asia level.

As a part of the Scholars Cup, the students had to go through a debate competition, Collaborative Writing, Quiz and a Scholars Challenge on the topic “An unlikely world.”

“We are given six subjects and are expected to be prepared in all of them and this includes art, literature, music and popular culture. Most of us pick topics which we are strong at, prepare on them and then brainstorm with each other so that we help each other out with the topics each of us are strong in,” said Aadi Sai, who participated in the global round at Hanoi. While his team placed sixth among the South Asian teams, Tarush Ramdas and Shriman Kumarappan, students of the same school, were a part of teams which placed second and eight among South Asian teams in the global finals at Hanoi and Greece, respectively.

While they will all be competing at the final round of the Scholars Cup, the “tournament of champions” in Yale University from November 9 to 15, the students said that the likelihood of them having a face off would be rare since a lot more teams from across the globe were expected to participate.

“Our focus for now will be on going through all the content, quizzing each other and collaborating with our teammates. We are immensely enjoying preparing for it as well,” said Kriyash.

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