KC High Vision 2020

KC High commemorated the death anniversary of Dr. Abdul Kalam by showcasing its outreach project which reflected his ‘Vision 2020’. The parent community of the school and neighboring schools were invited to this inspiring event. The school focuses on project-based learning, and this project highlighted the motto of the school which encourages its stakeholders to “care, collaborate, catalyze and create” through a community project.

Every student in the school engaged in an activity over their summer holiday that would help to build a sustainable world.  Students researched to identify areas that needed change in their community and also to analyze the feasibility of their projects.  This event gave these students the platform to share their reflections to inspire others and celebrate change.

These reflections were displayed through creative spaces around the school. Stimulating visual presentations that included films and booklets were artistically displayed. Students in the street-play passionately challenged their audience “to teach the kids”, “not to lose heart” and “to be the change”. Lemonade and buttermilk were sold by ‘little people’ with skills that would make a seasoned salesman smile. There were panel discussions on ‘Building a Sustainable Society” and “Education for All”; it was an absolute delight to watch these young people interact with poise to remove the major obstacle in their way, the mind-set of the adult world. The project stall, “Magic from Waste”, wielded its wand to make paper bags and colorful books from recycled paper. Finally, the candid film that documented the process put a song in your heart.

Parents and other community members were overwhelmed by the platform the students have ‘to think globally and act locally’. They were “impressed” with the “confidence and spontaneity” of the kids and reflected on how they felt “the need to do more”. Voices of students speaking about their “responsibility” to spread awareness and to put “nature before comfort” echoed through the campus. One walked away with the vision of Dr. Abdul Kalam smiling, assured about the role K C High plays in his Vision for India.

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