KC High’s Day at Indian Institute of Technology’s FORAYS 2017

KC High had the opportunity to take part in IIT Madras Mathematics Department’s prestigious annual festival FORAYS, a festival that celebrates mathematics and mathematical talents of the city. Dating back to 1990, it has achieved the feat of networking young mathematical minds of Chennai with Prof. David Mumford (Field’s Medallist, Harvard University).

16 students from KC High – Rahul, Vedya, Kush, Hrsh, Netra, Vichar, Jaidev, Tejas, Srihari, Aadi Sai, Vikhram, Shriman, Aneesh, Shricharan, Ritika, and Dhruva participated in Forays 2017 – School Day on 29th January.

They enthusiastically interacted with eminent mathematicians present at the fest that included Dr. Shailesh Shirali (Recipient of National Award for teachers and alumni of Texas Universty), Dr.Sholapurkar (National Coordinator, Madhava Mathematics Competition) and Prof. M.Thamban Nair (Head of Mathematics Department, IIT Madras).

Our students participated in a plethora of competitions and fun math games like Olympiad, Quiz, Hurdle Race and TANGRAMS.

Students from Grade 8 and 9 (Rahul, Vedya, Kush, Hrsh, Nethra and Vichar) also participated in a Workshop on Fractals in Nature that left them amazed.

KC High is also proud to announce that Aadi Sai, Tejas Sai Krishnamoorthy, Srihari and Shrimaan won the 2nd place as a team in Hurdle Race – a game of intellectual interplay of Mathematical Techniques. Each team member had to cross a hurdle that tested their mathematical prowess and creativity with no help from the team, thus proving every member’s mathematical aptitude. After they crossed these four hurdles individually, they crossed the next two hurdles as a team, exhibiting remarkable team spirit and determination!

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