Kochi-Muziris Biennale – IBDP Visual Arts Field Trip 2023

In our Veins Flow” Kochi Muziris Biennale trip with IB1 Visual Arts students had a wonderful experience having been exposed to a diverse range of artists’ works. Students observed the collective works displayed in the regional, local, and global context. They were able to identify the connection between artists’ dialogues and the arrangement of works, and have become aware of how various factors like space, scale, materiality, and the audience’s reaction affect a work of art.

This Biennale trip kindled our students’ creative thought process and critical thinking skills. By adopting local artists’ techniques, the learners were able to conceptualize new ideas using mundane objects. Learners have explored how their theoretical knowledge in art-making practice and the value of audience perspectives can ameliorate their curatorial practice.

They have learned how to use collective knowledge and ideas in their art-making practice and the value of audience perspectives in their curatorial practice. Throughout the trip, they interacted well with art mediators and local artists, and participated in thoughtful discussions.

Students’ Reflection:

Naissha: The kochi art biennale allowed me to see further, and think of art as an experience rather than a concept. It made me recognize the journeys, and the thought processes of artists which led them to ideate prevalent designs of social conflict in today’s world. I realized the immense external effort put into curating an applauded exhibition, in relation to space, lighting, and perspective; and I was deeply moved and fascinated by the countless mediums that artists had generously used to spread their message; ranging from sculpture to videography.

Radhika: The kochi art biennale gave me a lot of interesting ideas. The artworks displayed were amazing and inspiring because of the various global themes that the artists chose to display. I was able to understand the importance of lighting and space better after visiting the exhibition and understood the need of thumbnail sketches before proceeding with the final one. I was fascinated by how the curator had decided to place the artworks, especially the videography and photography works. A lot of technology was also used to display these works, which gave me an idea for my personal exhibition as well. The exhibition was truly motivating and helped me learn more about art.

Anoushka: Visiting the kochi art biennale was an unforgettable experience. The variety of artworks, diverse perspectives, and networking opportunities made it fascinating. One of the highlights of the biennale was the diversity of voices and perspectives on display. It was exciting to see how different artists from different cultures and backgrounds approached similar themes in unique and unexpected ways. Being able to identify artistic choices made by the artist and connect historical and cultural value to them was gratifying. It was inspiring to see so many talented and famous artists tackling contemporary issues in unique ways, reminding me of art’s power to move, inspire, and bring people together. I understood the importance of spatial awareness, lighting and storytelling that an artist deliberately chooses to convey their message. This exhibition taught me and motivated me to explore various art forms and to continue pushing the boundaries of my own creativity and expression.

Tanvi: The Kochi art biennale really opened my eyes up to the real ‘artistic’ world and helped in broadening my perspective in ways that I could find the beauty of art in the simplest of things. It mainly helped in refueling my motivation to do art and now I feel myself being much more productive in regards to my IA and such. The biennale displayed a variety of artworks created by talented artists from different backgrounds, which represented their culture through their magnificent artistic capabilities & thinking. It also helped me get a range of ideas on what I want the layout of my exhibition to look like, especially the placement of the artworks, the lighting, spacing, sound, senses, and such.

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