Leaping Lion’s Field Trip: Reptiles Reptiles Everywhere!

KC High IGCSE and IB Board International School Navalur Chennai Leaping Lion's Field Trip

Keeping in mind the learning objectives of the upcoming Science Unit -’Animal Classifications’ the venue for the Field Trip was decided. To introduce learners to the characteristics of reptiles different activities were planned during their visit to

‘The Madras Crocodile Bank’. Activities included:

  • The guided tour of the park (by the educational officers),
  • Interaction with the Zoo educator, and
  • The ‘show and tell’ session with some of the juvenile reptiles.

The Leaping Lions visited the Madras Crocodile Bank on the 10th of August to observe and learn about reptiles. They were taken on a guided tour by Mr. Arul and team, the Croc Bank Educator/Zookeeper, who shared many interesting facts about the reptiles.

Many activities pre and post field trip were planned across all subjects.

Pre Field Trip Activities

  • LA:  ‘Miles and Miles of Reptiles’ by by Tish Rabe was read to them.
  • Science: KWL chart  (the questions were shared with  Arul)

Post Field Trip Activities

  • LA: We are going on ‘Reptile Hunt’ poem by children and Word Search
  • Social: Directions and Map
  • Science: Graphic Organiser on Reptiles
  • Math: Pictograph (Data Collection)
  • Art: Create your Own Reptile

During the Show and Tell, the learners learnt many interesting facts about reptiles and also had the opportunity to pet sea turtles, a baby crocodile and a python. They felt and observed the texture of their skin/shells.

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