Learning @ KC High

Grade 9 field trip to Cholamandal Artists Village

Grade 9 students visited the Cholamandal Artists’ Village on a day that began with damp weather and heavy downpour. As 

INME trips September 2023

The INME trips offer students a chance to immerse themselves in learning amidst the beauty of nature. During these adventures, 

INME trips March 2023

INME trips provide an opportunity for students to engage in experiential learning. In the midst of nature they spend gadget 

Kochi-Muziris Biennale – IBDP Visual Arts Field Trip 2023

“In our Veins Flow” Kochi Muziris Biennale trip with IB1 Visual Arts students had a wonderful experience having been exposed 

Grade 5- Service Learning Newsletter

Our theme of service learning is Upcycling and Recycling. We had a lot of discussions about upcycling and recycling. As 

A Recount on… Our Kochi Art Biennale Trip By Aditee Woiwode

A trip full of laughter, fun and joy. Our trip to Kochi, Kerala was a wonderful learning experience as well 

Organic farming at Jacob and Klooster’s

DD Learners went on a field trip to Jacob and Klooster’s farm in Thazhambur on Tuesday, 10/1/23. During the trip, 

Soaring Seagulls get a hands-on in waste management! 

The Students of SS have been learning about Recycling and Upcycling as a part of their Service Learning Activity. To 

Wonder, Wander

A poem written by Shreeya Jhaver and Arti Bansal of Grade 10 summarizing the experiences of the grade 10 INME 

Children’s Day Celebration 2022

The best way to make children good is to make them happy! – Oscar Wilde.  Every child is unique and 

The STEM initiative

The STEM Club is an initiative started by Aniket Srinivasan (IB2), Suriyan Prabhu (IB2), and me, Madhav Menon (IB1)! It 

Visit to the DOT School of Design

CareerTalk for Grade 8

Oct 7, 2022 Vino Supraja, A renowned Fashion Designer from Chennai came for a Career talk for Grade 8 learners 

ISSO National Games 2022-2023

It’s raining medals! KC learners ace National level Sports!Our students have won medals in Swimming, Gymnastics, Karate, Chess, and Shooting 

The IB Coffee Morning

The IB Coffee Morning was a much-awaited event for two things: the panel discussion by our students on Deliberate Practice 

Visit St. Thomas Mount Church – #MadrasDay

Our grade 4 learners visited St. Thomas Mount Church for an educational and fun day trip. In conjunction with Madras 

Colonial Tales – Madras Week

Grade 8 completed their field trip titled “Colonial Tales” as part of the Madras Week celebrations integrated with their learning on the 

Field Trip to Adyar Eco Park

Take the learning outside the classrooms!  Believing in this notion, learners of Grade 7 went on a field trip to the 

What does freedom mean to me?

From U&Me to Bright Bunnies, our learners marched around the ground with our flag held aloft. We also had exciting 

Happy Independence day, South Korea!

Did you know that Korean Independence Day is celebrated on the 15th of August just like in India? To commemorate 

Bond Over Books – The Middle School Book Club

When reading is combined with writing, it leads to holistic learning. The middle school learners wrote detailed reviews of the 

KC Cares for Animals (2022)

KC Cares for Animals is a magazine on animal welfare that is run by the students of KC High. This year 

Hindi Stories from Grade 8

हम एक कक्षा के रूप में रचनात्मक कहानी के माध्यम से हिंदी में अपनी शिक्षा को चित्रित करना चाहते थे। हमें एक काल्पनिक कहानी के साथ आने का काम सौंपा गया था जिसमें आलंकारिक भाषा सहित कई व्याकरणिक तत्वों का उपयोग शामिल था। एक आकर्षक पुस्तक के रूप में हमने इस कहानी को प्रस्तुत करना चाहा । इन पुस्तिकाओं को एक प्रकाशित पुस्तक के समान बनाया गया है, जिसमें चित्र और ‘लेखक के बारे में’ दोनों पृष्ठ हैं। जनता के सामने अपने काम को प्रदर्शित करने के लिए, हमने कहानियों को स्कैन किया है और उन्हें इस साइट पर पढ़ने के लिए रखा है। विभिन्न पृष्ठों पर स्क्रॉल करें और हमारी अद्भुत कहानियाँ पढ़ें। धन्यवाद !  We, as a class, wanted to portray 

Graduation Ceremony – Class of 2022

Hats off to the Batch of 2022! Snapshots from the Graduation Ceremony (21st May) of Batch 2022! Take a peek 

Tail Alert | CAS Activity

A captivating carnival was organised by the young philanthropists of IB1 to raise funds for Tail Alert, a nonprofit organisation 

Uyir Foundation

“Happiness doesn’t result from what we get, but from what we give.” – Ben CarsonThe generosity of our KC family 

Cake it Easy & Beat the Heat

Let’s “cake it easy” and “beat the heat” with delicious treats by our IB1 learners! All proceeds from this bake 

CAS Field Trip to Crocodile Bank

As a part of the CAS field trip, the learners of IB1 visited the Madras Crocodile Bank on March 16, 

Writing Workshop – Session with Ms Gizelle Rodrigues from Read Bloom Books

The interesting session started with the learners watching the video “The Hero’s Journey according to Joseph Campbell – video by 

Linguafest – Soaring Seagulls

Soaring Seagulls facilitated an exciting Linguafest session for the Bright Bunnies. The little tiny tots guessed the words with clues 

Healthy Diet Session | Grade 7

I found the session very interesting. Food is something in everyone’s life and what I knew about it is that 

Science Week

As part of National Science Day, GGs explored two fun experiments in school. They performed the ‘Magic Milk’ experiment and 

A fun-filled pottery session

The Dynamic Dolphins had a fun-filled pottery session with Mr Ravindhran. He demonstrated a few techniques with clay and shaping 

¿Cuidas el medio ambiente? | Do you care for the environment? | Vlog by Grade 9

Nosotros cuidamos el medio ambiente, ¿y tú? Los estudiantes de español de grado 9 han estado reflexionando sobre sus propias prácticas 

KC Collection – School Literary Magazine

(Click on the full-screen icon below for better reading experience) Credits: Shivani, Suriyan, Adi Sai, Deepti, and Anushka – Grade 

The Journey of a Quarter – Production of Coins

While learning about Operations management Business studies students of Grade 10 focused on functional areas and methods of production. As 

Learning Pods – Middle School

Word Wizards – The Middle School Language Arts Learning Pod  The Middle School Language Arts learning pod is a place 

Learning Pods – Pre-Primary

A mini KC away from KC, learning pods are the perfect opportunity for children to engage and socialize with their 

KC Cares for Animals

Holi Celebrations

During Holi our learners took part in various activities across the grades like making Holi cards with wishes, making natural 

Choice Time Activities

The Soaring Seagulls volunteered to facilitate fun Choice Time sessions for the little learners of CC and LL. The Risk 

French Language Day

De nos jours, la langue française est la cinquième langue la plus parlée dans le monde. En apprenant cette langue, 

Special Assembly – Math : March 15 2021

As part of special math virtual assembly, our learners from Pre-Primary till IB – 1 shared their experiences on how 

South Korea Awareness Program 2021

Our students from Grade 5 to 10 took part in the virtual South Korea Awareness Program conducted by Athena venture, 

Learning Pods

The learning pods, sometimes called micro-schools, are often a small groups of 5 to 6 interested learners, of similar ages 

KC Cares for Animals

“KC High Cares For Animals” aims to educate, encourage and spread awareness towards the welfare of animals.  Key objectives include: 

ULead Conference for Operation Smile

One out of every thousand babies are born with a cleft or an opening in their lip or palate, a 

Lingua Fest 2019

Lingua fest - a day to celebrate and honour the learning of languages. The day began with a multilingual assembly, 

Joy of Giving

“As a part of 'Joy of Giving’ week, students were busy with various activities involving social causes to give back 

KC High Inter-House Cultural 2019

Amidst deadlines and the IOCs of the IB, the task of bringing together their entire house and do something culturally 

Neev Literature Festival 2019

Many learners of grades 7 and 8 traveled to Bangalore for the Neev Literature Festival. The learners were enthusiastic and 

KC High Grade 5 students go on a field trip to study building architecture in Chennai

The learners visited three historical buildings in the city on Monday - Madras Literary Society, Bharathiyar Illam and Bhommai Chathiram 

KC High Grade 10 and 12 Students Camp at Rishikesh with INME

Testimonial on the INME experience Rishikesh by Tiana, Grade X Our experience at the inme camp was great and full 

Non-Verbal Communication Session by Deaf Enabled Foundation, DEF, Chennai

The LLs, GGs and the middle schoolers widened their horizons and learned a new language by interacting with the hearing 

K. Ramnath Chandrasekhar – Renowned Conservation Educator and Filmmaker Conducts Nature as Classroom Session

The Galloping Gazelles attended a session on Nature as Classroom conducted by renowned conservation educator and filmmaker K. Ramnath Chandrasekhar. 

KC High Grade 6 Students Explore The Rich History of Mamallapuram

Descubre - Grade 6 trip to Mamallapuram by Lekha Bhattacharjee, VI Spells Mamallapuram, the old city of the Pallavas, rich 

KC High Grade 11 and 12 Students Head To The Andamans

Testimonial on the INME experience Andamans by Rania, Grade XII This year, grades 11 and 12 from KC High went 

Field Trip: Grade 2 students visit Mylapore’s Kapaleeshwarar Temple

The Leaping Lions explored their cultural heritage with a trip to Mylapore’s Kapaleeshwarar temple.They learnt about the history of the 

Field Trip: Exploring Namma Chennai with Galloping Gazelles

GGs explored their roots and rich religious history with a field trip to the key places of worship in Chennai. 

KC High International School students participate in Harvard Model United Nations (HMUN) India 2019

HMUN INDIA 2019- A roller coaster of emotions indeed! Personally, this was my first MUN experience, and I thoroughly enjoyed 

IIT Visit by IBDP 1 & 2

On 17th August, 2019 students of IBDP 1 and 2 visited the research team of Professor Ramaprabhu Sundara (EG Ramachandran 

Speaker Series: Mr. Showkath Jamal, Ocean Studies Expert, Bay of Life

In connection with Madras Week on 26th Aug'19 the Middle and High students were addressed by Mr. Showkath Jamal, who 

My Neighbourhood by Cool Cats (Grade 1)

The Cool Cats nurtured their sense of community and communal pride as they learnt in class about the Places in 

Speaker Series Session with Mr. Srinivas, Urban Lawyer Expert

Mr. Srinivas is an urban lawyer expert and an advocate of the High Court. As part of the speaker series 

KC High Art Fair 2019

You can browser the entire photo album here: https://bit.ly/2V3mQMM View the Art Fair 2019 video below:

Grade 5 trip to the Art Biennale Kochi


Student Voice 2019

KC High International School recently hosted Student Voice, a panel discussion for students, led by students on two topics - 

Learning The KC Way: Inter-grade buddy reading

Middle school field trip to view art exhibit – Chennai Photo Biennale

KC High International School middle school students recently took a trip to the Government Fine arts college to view the 

Grade 3 students gardening program

KC High Grade 3 students are engaged in a year long gardening program in association with Magic Beans, where they 

Grades 5 and 6 interact with filmmaker-animator-illustrator and author Nina Sabnani

KC High students of grades 5 and 6 had the opportunity to meet and interact with filmmaker-animator-illustrator and author Nina 

Visual & Performing Art Field Trip 2019

The KC High middle schoolers of the visual arts and performing arts program visited Dakshina Chitra to view the work 

Poetry Slam 2019

KC High Students of middle school who have been part of the slam poetry sessions performed and shared their first 

Top Dog Academy

Coco foundation in partnership with Top Dog academy, conducted a session with the kids to educate the students about dogs, 

KC High Grade 3 students help Gaja victims

The students of grade 3 helped make portable torches for the people affected by Gaja. The 3rd graders connected this 

KC High Grade 5 students work with Peek-a-boo patterns to help recycle

The grade 5 students worked with Garima and team from Peek-a-boo patterns to recycle old 'Kids Central' t-shirts to make 

KC High International School Outclass Program 2018

KC High students from Grades 7 to 9 went on an outdoor experience trip near Dehradun, while students from 10 

KC High Grade 6 & 8 Field Trip to Bay of Life

Social Objective: Understanding the marine ecosystem and the impact of climate change on them. Vulnerability of life along the coastline 

KC High Galloping Gazelles Field Trip to 13 Degrees North

Students of grade 4 , Gallopping Gazelles had an hands-on experience visiting the plant nursery “13 Degrees North” on ECR. 

Grade 7 Field Trip to Dakshina Chitra

Objective: Extended learning on sustainability Various methods involved in leading a sustainable life Importance of waste segregation Minimize use of 

Cool Cats Field Trip to Kovalam

Cool cats went on a marine exploratory field trip to Kovalam. This was facilitated by the organization ‘Bay of life’. 

Leaping Lion’s Field Trip: Reptiles Reptiles Everywhere!

Keeping in mind the learning objectives of the upcoming Science Unit -’Animal Classifications’ the venue for the Field Trip was 

KC High Grade 9 Students Turn Entrepreneurs To Launch Lekker Health Bars

The idea behind Lekker sparked on a bright sunny afternoon during the Christmas Bazaar, held at KC High. The 9th 

Field Trip to Writer’s Cafe

The children of Grades 10 and 9 visited a Cafe in the city, Writer's Cafe, on Peter's road, Gopalpuram. The 

Testimonial from Saadhana Seshadri – Project Lead, Power of Collective

Over the last couple of months grades 6 and upwards have been engaging with the students of the Kotturpuram High 

Power of Collective


Cool Cats Field Trip to Santhe, Kalakshetra

KC High Grade 1 students (Cool Cats) recently visited the Santhe in Kalakshetra to understand the distinct and unique cultures 

Descubre – Social Science Fest

As part of the Social Science fest Descubre, KC High conducted quizzes for different grade levels, played mapping games, did 

Kindness Week

As part of kindness week, KC High students brought old crayons that they sorted and melted and made into chubby 

Shoe Drive

KC High students of grades 6, 7,8,9 and 10 have initiated a community service project called "Power of Collective". Through 

KC High Grade 3 students explore the Indus Valley Civilization

KC High Grade 3 Dynamic Dolphins (DDs) became Archaeologists during their trip to the Sharma Centre for Heritage Education. The 

Leaping Lions field trip to Boat Club, Marina Beach & Chetpet Ecopark

Planning: Leaping Lions have been learning about water sources in Social Science. The main objective of this unit is to 

Hindi Sanskrithik Karyakram

As part of Hindi Sanskrithik Karyakram, KC High students made a presentation in Hindi which comprised of Kavi samellan, AdZap and 

Cross-grade interaction between Grade 4 and Grade 10 students

Grade 4 students are learning to classify rocks into three categories based on how they are formed.  In order to 

KC High Grade 4 students learn about the water cycle through terrariums

The Galloping Gazelles are learning about the water cycle through simple experiments related to evaporation and condensation. As an extension 

Workshop for Teachers by Theatre Professionals Education

​On November 28th, Jehan Manekshaw and his team member Pragnya of Theatre Professionals Education conducted a workshop for the teachers 

KC High Grade 7 students interact with Artist Olaf Van Cleef and Historian Pradeep Chakravarthy

Interaction with Mr. Olaf Van Cleef and Mr. Pradeep Chakravarthy at Amethyst, 27th November 2017 Students from Grade 7 got 

KC High Gardening Project Gallery

KC High parents enthrall the children with storytelling sessions during library time

KC High students from Grade 6 to 10 go camping in Karwar

KC High students from Grades 6 to 10 participated in various outdoor activities like rappelling, kayaking and wilderness treks besides 

KC High Grade 1 field trip to the Chennai Egmore Railway Station

The objective of this field visit to the Chennai Egmore Railway Station was to create an awareness about an important 

Joy of Giving Week

KC High IGCSE Board Cambridge International School Middle school students recently visited Seva Samajam school at Pallipattu, Adyar as a 

Student Leadership & Governance

Amelia, a 15 year old student from Hudson Valley Sudbury School was invited to speak to our KC High students 

Grade 2 field trip to Sharma Centre for Heritage Education

Leaping Lions visited the Sharma Centre for Heritage Education to get  hands on learning experience on Stone age. Learners took 

Art Workshop with Artist Murali Chinnaswamy

An art workshop was recently conducted at KC High by Murali Chinnaswamy - an Artist, Printmaker and a Teacher. Murali 

Grade 4 children learn the importance of garbage segregation

KC High Grade 4 children have been learning about garbage segregation this semester, as a part of community service hours. 

Grade 10 children transform into teachers for Grade 4

KC High Grade 4 children never imagined that their Friday science session would be completely taken over by a bunch 

Cross-grade learning between Grades 4 and 5

KC High Grade 4 students have been learning how to measure intervals of time in minutes and hours. As part 

KC High celebrates Hindi Diwas

KC High celebrated Hindi Diwas on September 14, 2017, where various activities were conducted to promote the Hindi language and 

Celebrating Roald Dahl Day

Today KC High celebrated Roald Dahl day with students of Grade 1, 2 and 3. All the children in these 

Learning in a pyjama

KC High Grade 1 students had a blast learning about light and dark through an eventful pyjama party. They heightened 

Socratic Seminar

KC High Grade 10 students use Socratic Seminar as a method for interpreting their Text or Reader. These seminars allow 

Learning in the puddle

The rain the previous night had left behind puddles of water making it irresistible to our group of first graders. 

KC High Grade 1 visit to the Kotturpuram police station

The KC High students of Grade 1 visited Kotturpuram police station on August 22,2017. The objective of the visit was 

Organic Collaboration – KC High & Kotturupuram Corporation School

Students of KC High and Kotturpuram Corporation school worked together to cook what they had harvested over two long months. 

Madras Week 2017 – Math Workshop with Hey Math

Madras Week 2017 – Math Workshop with Mr. Gopu

The Math workshop for the middle and high school children was facilitated Mr. Gopu. He is a computer science engineer 

Madras Week 2017 – Poetry Workshop with Fiona Bolger

Ms. Fiona Bolger interacted with the KC High students of grades 8,9 and 10. She began her session with performance 

Madras Week Celebrations 2017 – Math Workshop with Eminent Mathematician Saroja Sundarajan

As part of the KC High Madras Week celebrations, Ms. Saroja Sundarajan, an eminent mathematician did a very exciting workshop 

KC High Coffee Mornings Series 2017

The KC High students celebrated and showcased their learning though the coffee morning/coffee evening series. Each talented grade level picked 

Stop-motion video by KC High 6th graders focusing on Global Warming

KC High Cambridge International School Grade 4 students visit Kotturpuram Tree Park

The Grade 4 students of KC High IGCSE Cambridge International School Chennai recently visited the Kotturpuram Tree park. The visits 

KC High’s first Read-A-Thon Night

Reading is a cornerstone to our knowledge. Parents and teachers around the globe have been striving to inculcate the desire 

KC High Grade 4 Students Field Trip to Learning Community, Quest at Pallavakam

On 14th of July, KC High Cambridge International School students of Grade 4 had an opportunity to attend a workshop 

Art & Design Workshop with Ms. Darrow

Students of Art and Design had the opportunity to interact with Ms. Darrow a teacher of Art History from the US. 

The art of gardening with children from Grade 3

In the news: A summer well-spent

Students of this school in Kotturpuram take up community work as part of their holiday assignment Students of Kids Central 

Grade 5 field trip to explore Chennai’s heritage buildings

In connection with the unit of study, ‘My City’, learners of Grade V were taken on a field trip to 

Grade 6 children travel on the Chennai Metro

Grade 6 children took a ride on the Chennai metro and had a first hand experience of the world class 

Making of the KC High Music CD

Grade 2 field trip to Kalakshetra

The Grade 2 students went on a field trip to Kalakshetra to observe their Kalamkari unit. Objective of the Visit: 

Grade 8 field trip to Auroville

Grade 7 children building the mobile science lab

The grade 7 students worked on a mobile science lab and then went on to demonstrate and donate the experiment 

A talk on autism

Priya, a facilitator from Vidya Sagar engaged in a talk on Autism with the middle and high school students. The 

Grade 7 – Studying historical work of Bio Scientists

When studying the historical work of different bio scientists, students from Grade 7 did it in the form of drama 

Grade 8 and 9 – All about flowers

8th and 9th Graders as part of their science class took Grade V students around campus and explained parts of 

Grade 8 & 9 – Eureka School Project

Community service project done grade 8 and 9 students, where they went to a Eureka school in Kancheepuram to set 

Grade 6 Art Fair – Organism Classification

Children from Grade 6 worked on different art styles by selecting organism of their interest and prepared a classification tree 

Grade 6 Bio Cell Expo

For the past two years, the KC High Biology department has been conducting cell expos as an extension activity to 

Grade 5 Science sessions focusing on investigations on man-animal conflict

These sessions involved browsing through newspapers to look for articles that highlighted the positive and negative effects human activities have 

Students from Grade 8 & 9 build book shelves for the underprivileged

The students of grade 8 and 9 enjoyed the process of creating two book shelves for an underprivileged school in 

4th Graders take a field trip to different places of worship around Chennai

Students from grade IV went on a field trip to different places of worship as part of their Social Science 

Grade 5 students social responsibility project

Grade 5 students working at sorting, organizing and labeling books at the school library as part of their social responsibility 

Grade 7 students to help build mobile science lab for Corporation School

Grade 7 students recently visited the Corporation School, Nungambakkam in Chennai and interacted with the 5th graders to understand their 

Grade 2 students making sushi as part of Hindi lesson on Japan

Developing line- A design workshop by Ben Philip

Ben Philip who is an illustrator, fashion designer and educator recently held a workshop for the students of Art and 

Online Simulation of Mughal History

Grade 6 – History & Geography Innovative Learning Methods

Museum curation: recreation of artifacts of 4 South Indian dynasties Facebook profiling of historical rulers to understand their achievements History 

Cross cultural exchanges through Skype calls with children from Norway

Math Innovative Learning – Measurements

Social Wheels Experiment & Shadow Exploring

Field Trip to Bay of Life

Grade 5 children took a trip to Bay of Life for report writing.

Radio Adverts

While leaning about Persuasive text, the Dynamic Dolphins, in groups of 5 created these radio adverts. Lunch Muncher Advert https://www.kchigh.com/wp-content/uploads/2017/03/Lunch-Muncher.mp3 

Freeze Frame

In groups of 5, learners were given an event with a specific situation. Each team enacted the event and froze 

Newspaper Scavenger Hunt

The Dynamic Dolphins commenced with the unit Newspaper reports with a newspaper scavenger hunt to familiarize with the various aspects 

Interviewing Zeenath akka for fiction & non-fiction writing

The Dynamic Dolphins was divided into groups of 6 or 7. Each group was given a fictional account and a 

iRun Program – March 26 Highlights

Grade 7 children working on probability through games

Cross Grade Interaction

Grade 8 students of KC High became facilitators for the fifth graders in a cross grade interaction session. The seniors 

Field trip to Kalpakkam Township

Recently, our seventh graders and the geography students of Grade 9 visited Kalpakkam Township to understand the socio-economic impact that 

Grade 6 students visit St. Louis School for visually challenged

The Grade 6 children of KC High had an opportunity to interact with the learners of Grade 6 from St. 

iRun Running Program – March 19 Highlights

"Slip, slop and slap" was the war cry for the morning. Slip on a T-shirt, slop on some sun screen 

Grade 8 Field Trip – Public Transport System in Chennai

Students of Grade 8 went on a field trip to compare and contrast the public transport system in Chennai, draw 

Guest Speaker Mr. Raj Cherubal – Smart City Project Chennai

Mr. Raj Cherubal was recently a guest speaker at KC. He addressed a group of middle and high schoolers. He 

Movie Making Workshop by Arun Krishnamurthy

Recently, a movie making workshop was conducted in KC high facilitated by Arun Krishnamurthy for Grade 6 and 8 children 

Holi Celebrations @ KC High

An exciting morning as we celebrated HOLI at KC. Students performed role plays, make cards for friends and did listening 

Grade 9 students visit the X-Ray Crystallography Facility @ IIT

The Grade IX students recently visited the X-ray crystallography facility at IIT, Madras. Students visited the lab and they were shown how 

Kadhai Carnival 2017 – Album 1

Kadhai Carnival 2017 – Album 2

Field Trip to Cocoa Shaala – Cool Cats (Grade 1)

The children from Cool Cats (Grade 1) recently went on a field trip to Cocoa Shaala. The objective of the 

Field Trip to Madras Boat Club – Dynamic Dolphins (Grade 3)

The Dynamic Dolphins students have been studying rivers and pollutants in rivers. To extend this learning they went on a 

CELL EXPO by Students of Grade VI

The students of Grade VI planned and organised a Cell Expo and invited children from other grades to view it. 

Kadhai Carnival 2017

Kadhai Carnival 2017 – Rehearsals

Preps for Kadhai Carnival in full swing

KC High Inter-House Literary Fest 2017

View the Lit Fest 2017 Gallery Inter-House Literary Fest: Celebrating the spirit of Creativity, Collaboration and Healthy Competition! The KC 

Seed to Table Program at KC High by Dynamic Dolphins

The Seed to Table program aims to connect children with their food and the environment in a real and tangible 

Performance of George Orwell’s Animal Farm at Museum Theatre

8th and 9th graders at a performance of George Orwell's Animal Farm at Museum Theatre.

Field Trip to Saraswathy Kendriya Vidyalaya

The grade 9 students went on a field trip to Saraswathy Kendriya Vidyalaya. The visit was arranged as part of enriching 

Taisi Event Gallery

OMR Run 2017

KC High’s Day at Indian Institute of Technology’s FORAYS 2017

KC High had the opportunity to take part in IIT Madras Mathematics Department’s prestigious annual festival FORAYS, a festival that 

KC High Ranjith Road Campus – Classroom Tour

KC High Ranjith Road Campus Tour

iRUN Program – 1st Run at Besant Nagar Beach

1st run of the iRUN Program by KC High organized on Jan 29, 2017 at Besant Nagar Beach.  

KC High Pongal Celebrations

Children’s Day Celebrations

Halloween Celebrations

Gollu Celebrations

Diwali Celebrations

Pre-Prep Campus – Ranjith Road

Scottish Dance Theater Company Workshop

KC High Namma Chennai Festival

Photography Competition Quiz Competition Singing Competition

Sangit Suprabhat

Peek inside the classroom

Christmas Celebrations

The KC High community put together a fabulous Christmas celebration event at Madras Club. All the students had a jolly 

KC High Children’s Day Ride in association with Ciclo Cafe

On the cloudy morning of 13th November, 80 sleepy but super-excited students of KC High assembled at Anna University at 

KC High Vision 2020

KC High commemorated the death anniversary of Dr. Abdul Kalam by showcasing its outreach project which reflected his ‘Vision 2020’. 

Elliots Beach Run & Cleanup Drive

KC began its “Run with your child” initiative 6 months ago! Every Saturday parents and kids would assemble at the Besant Nagar 

New Programs at Kids Central, RR Campus, Kotturpuram
KC High International School
Art Symposium