Learning Pods – Middle School

Word Wizards – The Middle School Language Arts Learning Pod 

The Middle School Language Arts learning pod is a place where learners interact and learn. It has been called Word Wizards as the learners are encouraged to use their words wisely while speaking for an extempore or defending their side for a debate. Their knowledge of words and it’s application was tested when they created and challenged their friends in a game of dumbcharades or hangman or guess who or tongue twisters or taboo. Constructing short stories using clues from friends and drafting witty sales pitches gave wings to these creative minds. 

Sharing and laughing, making connections and reminiscing, all these happen when learners come together for this learning experience.

Let’s roll our sleeves up, put our masks on, and get ready for some mathematical fun! Middle School Learning Pods had a great time using math to play with cards and enjoyed working on interesting worksheets!

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