Learning Pods – Pre-Primary

A mini KC away from KC, learning pods are the perfect opportunity for children to engage and socialize with their peers, take part in exciting activities, complete with the guidance of teachers. Learning pods are hosted by a KC parent, once a week, in sanitized spaces where all safety guidelines are followed.

Learning Pods have children from our tiniest, the U&Me programme, all the way to Middle School! Free exploration of textures, choice time activities, live storytelling, interesting problem solving: these pods have it all!

Pods will run for a duration of 2 months and we plan to add a few more to the list as the semester progresses and as more teachers get completely vaccinated.

Tireless Tadpoles:

Toddlers turned up all smiles (behind their masks) for their first learning pod! Fine motor activities like inserting popsicle sticks and lids, pulling ribbons in and out were a great start; followed by exploring the goop texture! A ‘peck peck peck’ story concluded the day, with children receiving their own paper bird to peck away!

Flighty Frogs:

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