Learning Pods

The learning pods, sometimes called micro-schools, are often a small groups of 5 to 6 interested learners, of similar ages or grades coming together in a safe environment to engage and work together, maintaining all safety protocols of course. These students work in a specific area during that time along with their facilitators. Usually a session can vary from 90 minutes to 2 hours in a week.
At KC High, we conduct learning pods for our high schoolers and middle schoolers in subjects such as Mathematics, Design Technology, Experimental Science, Language Arts, Drama, Visual Arts and Physical Fitness. Our students are loving it!

Middle school

Experimental science learning pod focuses on developing student curiosity and the necessary skill set that will enrich their understanding of the curriculum content. The learner gets to do the experiment and justify their hypothesis during this time. They get an opportunity to engage and interact with their fellow learners keeping in mind the safety protocols.

Drama Learning Pods

This is the opportunity for learners to get together in a completely safe and secure environment, in small numbers to catch up on drama based activities to further their learning in an interactive atmosphere with their peers. The idea of the drama learning pod is to engender the idea that learning is also through interaction and figuring out personal and social boundaries through play Empathy for one another and working together are encouraged. These are sessions where students have the possibility to enter into imaginary worlds while learning about themselves and their fellow humans

High School

Art & Design learning pod programme is the added advantage in the curricula which expands their art-making skills and thinking creative skills in the safety environment. Students engaged in this program enthusiastically with their peers explored a diverse range of medium and styles. 

Students’ Feedback

‘In the learning pod, we can ask questions freely when aunty is there and we can get to express it more clearly and not like vague and also there are so many fun experiments that happen we learn a lot from that like defusion, solubility, dissolving and we also follow the safety precautions while we do the experiments.’ – Meyyappan M.M, Grade 6

‘The learning pod is extremely fun! We do a lot of interesting experiments. It is also fun because we get to meet our friends which we cannot during our online classes.’ – Sadhana Sridhar, Grade 6

‘I love learning pod because during this pandemic I couldn’t do experiments and now I can do it with my friends which is an added bonus.’
Reha Lunawath, Grade 6

‘It is really fun and it is interesting to do with my friends and we have good discussion sessions with each other’ – Mira Sacheti, Grade 6

‘The learning pod is interesting when we do experiments’
– Adith Ram Ketyu, Grade 6

‘I like it as it is a great way to meet friends and you learn more than you possibly could in science class.’ – Krshay Venkatesan, Grade 6

‘I like coming to the learning pod because we get to use different materials and conduct experiments with them. The discussions are very informative.’
– Drishti Kothari, Grade 6 

I think that my learning experience during the learning pods was really exciting and insightful. I thoroughly enjoyed making art with my classmates and comprehending different art skills via a fresh perspective”. – Naissha Bbindal, Grade-9 

“The learning pods were a very new and efficient way of learning, keeping in mind the priorities of safety. It gave me the opportunity to dive deeper into my learning of the visual arts whilst using the opportunity that the learning pods gave me to incorporate the new environment I was in along with my peers  and the effect of it on me. It was an interesting experience of working and collaborating with a small group of people while maintaining and learning effective safety measures”. 
Tiana Mardia, Grade -11

The learning pods helped me a lot; learning art in person is more efficient than learning art online. It was a whole new experience for me and I thoroughly enjoyed it’. Tanvi.V, Grade -9

‘Learning pods was very effective and helped me learn a lot of new art techniques as well’.
Radhika Tibrewala, Grade -9

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