Celebrating 25 Years of KC High

Marking 25 Years - 25th Anniversary Logo Reveal


22nd November 2023 was a truly special day as we marked our 25th anniversary with an unforgettable moment—the unveiling of our bespoke anniversary logo, crafted with creativity and dedication by Ananya Venkatesan and Vriti Baid of grade 6. The fragrant presence of the logo, delicately arranged in flowers, infused the air with celebration, while its captivating design in our reception area warmed our hearts.

Valli Subbiah, our Director and Michael Purcell, our Head of School expressed heartfelt gratitude, acknowledging the invaluable contribution of our learners to KC’s journey.

The rationale behind the logo, envisioned by Ananya Venkatesan and Vriti Baid, encapsulates the essence of our institution’s evolution: “From a unique afterschool program to an inclusive high school – KC celebrates 25 years! This logo represents the unity composed of the diverse houses because we think competition unites us more than ever. Born of this earth (Prithvi), watered (Jal) by the lessons of our beloved elders, parents and teachers, inspired by the fire (Agni) of our imagination and propelled by the wind (Pavan) beneath our wings, we the KC kids soar ahead to making this world a better place!”


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