Madras Week Celebrations 2019 by Cool Cats

Madras Week Celebrations 2019 by Cool Cats KC High International School Navalur OMR Chennai

The Cool Cats held a discussion on common sights in our city’s beaches. The children shared memories about the pinwheels available in our beaches. They were able to remember the different types of pinwheels on different beaches. This excitement didn’t stay dormant for long. It quickly translated into an exciting, educational and highly creative lesson. The children learnt Pinwheel craft in class. They each made this craft their own, with their own unique, personal touch. They had incredible fun experimenting with this new craft. The young learners are waiting to try to put their craft to the test and try the pinwheels on the beach.

The Cool Cats then conquered the craft of cloth bag decoration. They applied the knowledge they learnt in Tamil class and gave their bags a unique signature. The learners wrote their names in Tamil on their bags. They followed this up by decorating the bags with block prints.

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