Madras Week 2017 – Math Workshop with Mr. Gopu

The Math workshop for the middle and high school children was facilitated Mr. Gopu.

He is a computer science engineer by profession but has changed paths to pursue a career in writing. He has lectured on astronomy, history, temples, economics and evolution. He has written about Aryabhata for The Week magazine and a series on scientists for the New Indian Express. He is also a volunteer for the Tamil Heritage Trust and participates in the Adyar and Cooum Cultural Mapping groups.

Recently, Ramu Endowments bestowed on him, the Vedavalli Memorial Heritage Award for services to Culture.

Mr. Gopu’s workshop highlighted:

  • Links between mathematics and Sanskrit
  • Evolution of mathematics in India
  • The contributions of Aryabhata and Varahamihira
  • A few concepts from astronomy
  • How the ancient scholars wrote about mathematics in verse
  • The importance of the commentaries
  • India’s contributions to mathematics in the world
  • Pi as a ratio of 62 832 to 20 000
  • The 3 sections of the Aryabhatiya: mathematics, keeping time, and celestial astronomy
  • How do we study and learn about what the ancients knew about mathematics?
  • Mathematics and poetry
  • Understanding mathematics without the modern symbols, such as the plus sign
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