Neev Literature Festival 2019

KC High International School Navalur OMR Chennai Neev Literature Festival 2019

Many learners of grades 7 and 8 traveled to Bangalore for the Neev Literature Festival. The learners were enthusiastic and motivated as they attended workshops on character, story, plot, and the interrelationship of nature and art. They also learned money handling as they purchased books and bought snacks from Bangalore food trucks. The learners also attended several reading sessions, where writers read extracts from their children’s books in a performative and transformative fashion. The KC children were excited to be in a place that was dedicated to children’s literature, an often-overlooked genre. The teachers accompanying them also attended workshops for teaching children, such as a session on how to bring the U.N. sustainable development goals into reading sessions.

Ms Vishaka


The Neev literature festival was an extraordinary experience for all of us.

It was such a well organised and professional event, and it left such an impression on us. The display of the books was immaculate. Most of us were lost somewhere in between those shelves. The workshops were spectacular and the authors and specialists left us with the gift of exposure and experience. The book readings, launches, signings and interactive sessions were a lovely addition to this wonderful experience. More than anything, the atmosphere was one which attracted our yearn for learning and encouraged all children to thrive. It was an eye-opening opportunity and it has developed us as young readers, writers and global citizens.

Aanya Ebrahim, Grade 7

We went to Bangalore for the Neev Literature Fest last weekend. We caught a short flight, and stayed in the hotel X by Bloom. The next morning, we woke up bright and early, ready to head to the festival. As we arrived, we were astounded by the beauty of the Neev Academy but had to rush off according to our packed schedules. We got to choose to go to many different workshops to do with writing, illustration, photography, music and many more. These were all done by Indian authors. Some of the authors we met also signed books for us. On the second day, we headed to the Neev Academy again, and there was a huge tent with books for sale. All of us bought at least two. There was the announcement of the Neev Book Award, after which we went to our respective workshops and book readings. All in all, the trip was a fun experience and I would go again.

Neela Ravindran, Grade 8

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