Organic farming at Jacob and Klooster’s

DD Learners went on a field trip to Jacob and Klooster’s farm in Thazhambur on Tuesday, 10/1/23. During the trip, learners were given an orientation to the project by Mr. Shammy Jacob and his wife Ms. Charlotte with a detailed presentation of lifestyle farming which they have experienced in person through initiatives on innovation, living, nutrition, and development. 

They shared many stories of how they involved people and helped them become aware of their responsibilities towards the place they inhabit and care for it, by consciously avoiding the use of plastic bottles, recycling coconut shells, converting a littered backyard to a resourceful space, caring for abandoned animals and many such measures. This got DD learners thinking and the hosts patiently answered all the queries from eager minds.

The learners actively engaged in preparing a piece of land, by removing weeds from the area for future farming activity, under supervision.

After the first visit and the learning in the process, DD has been visiting the farm for the weekly Service Learning activity for the term as the farm has plenty of opportunities to understand and relate to Service Learning as they work on the field.

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