Padma Bhushan Tournament 2019

Padma Bhushan 2019 Tournament

On the 28th of August, the girls U13 basketball team of KC High played the Padma Bhushan tournament of 2019. After days of practice, the girls were ready to fight and play at the match.  The first match was against PSBB, both teams played equally well. The match ended with one free throw determining the winner of the match. As tight as the match could be, KC high won.

The quarterfinal was against RMK where the team wasn’t as experienced as the other competing teams in the league. Moreover, KC high beat the RMK team 14-2. The next match, semi-finals was KC high against. It was a challenging match resulting in the loss of KC high.

All the girls played with a strong desire to win. Though the tournament didn’t end as we expected and wished, we learned a lot and hope to win in future tournaments.

– Ananthi (captain of U-13 girls team)

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