Peek-a-Book: A Remote Book Exchange Event

During these strange and trying times, a few IB 1 students from KC High’s very own book club have initiated Peek-a-Book: KC’s very first book exchange event which will bring together KC’s readers to exchange their reading collection easily and remotely. The purpose of this event is to celebrate diversity in the literary world and bring together people with similar tastes and interests. Use this Google Form to sign up if you’re interested.

How does it work?

  • Fill up this Google Form
  • We will pair you up with someone who likes similar genres
  • Shortly afterwards, we will contact you and give you the details (address, phone number and preferred genres) of your book buddy
  • You can send them a book straight from your bookshelf via post or Dunzo
  • Inform us once you’ve done it
  • Keep in mind that we’re promoting authors of lesser-known ethnicities or books that tell stories about those ethnicities
  • Don’t forget to add a note addressed to your book buddy in the book
  • Once you receive the book, follow the necessary sanitation protocol
  • Send a happy picture with your new book to or tag #theshelfindulgent on Instagram

Once again, don’t forget to fill out the Google Form!


Happy reading,

Anusha, Ria and Venu

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