Press Club

The Press Club is a student-led initiative. The main aspect of the club was to give middle schoolers an insight into the various fields of journalism. The aim of the facilitators was to help our members gain important research, writing, and verbal skills. They started off with a variety of techniques to research and covered the ethical aspects within it. They were exposed to getting a brief understanding of why one must give credit to sources and how it is done. After which we explored the verbal forms of communication in the form of a panel discussion, NEWS reporting, NEWS debates, etc. A small group of three writers was formed based on interest to dive deeper into article writing. They were extensively involved in critical thinking and technical writing trying to achieve a better understanding of deconstructing their research and taking a step towards laying multiple perspectives. The areas of exploration were left open to each writer to decide on topics they most connected to of which two of them had the desire to research on the novel Coronavirus as the broader umbrella under which they explored specific aspects the other student indulged in answering the questions she had about Princess Latifa.

Akshaya: The reason I chose Molnupiravir and 2-DG was that it was the time when these two medicines just came out and after a lot of time they found a medicine so I was curious and keen to know. I found it really interesting.

Rohit: The reason I wrote about COVAX is because of a video I saw the other day. I found it really interesting and wanted to get the word out.  I thought that countries should invest in COVAX rather than taking their bi-lateral deals

Hinaya: The reason I chose to write on Princess Latifa because this was a very different hostage case since her age and her status played a major role and what really pushed me to chose that topic because I found a video to watch.

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