Soaring Seagulls get a hands-on in waste management! 

The Students of SS have been learning about Recycling and Upcycling as a part of their Service Learning Activity. To reinforce the ideas with a hands-on experience, there was a guest speaker session by Ms. Ann Anra of WastED 360 Solutions. Consequently, the students organized a collection drive across the school. The learners successfully penned the idea and hosted the drive, right from seeking permission, making persuasive posters around the campus, coordinating with the staff for collecting the items, to sorting them and handing them over to the NGO, with little guidance from their teachers and Ms. Anra. 

The items that were in good condition were sent to the people of Semmancheri Housing Board and the rest was sent to a recycling facility in Chennai. Overall, the students learnt how to organize an event, care for the environment, and empathize all in one project. 

Reduce. Reuse. Recycle. 

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