Socratic Seminar

socratic seminar by grade 10

KC High Grade 10 students use Socratic Seminar as a method for interpreting their Text or Reader. These seminars allow for collaborative, intellectual dialogue about a text, facilitated with open ended questions to arrive at a fuller understanding of ideas in text.

As part of their coffee morning, the students invited their parents as participants for one such seminar. The seminar was around a poem ‘Tall Buildings’ written by Munib Ur-Rehman and taken from ‘The Oxford Anthology of Modern Indian Poetry’ by Vinayak Dharwadkar and AK Ramanujan. The collection included various themes and Munib Ur Rehman’s poem dealt with the theme of shrinking urban spaces due to industrialization.

The students enjoy having discussions in the seminar as opposed to only having a writing activity. They feel the seminars help them to broaden their perspective and in turn helps them write with greater understanding of themes and with better examples. It also helps to question and alter set ideas and ponder on new ideas.

A glimpse of the seminar in the video below:

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