Speaker Series Session with Mr. Srinivas, Urban Lawyer Expert

KC High International School Navalur OMR Chennai Speaker Series 2019 with Mr. Srinivas Urban Lawyer Expert

Mr. Srinivas is an urban lawyer expert and an advocate of the High Court. As part of the speaker series session at KC, he addressed several of the issues faced by urban cities- with respect to public health, sanitation, infrastructure, building regulations, land permits, and sustainability- in a thirty-minute lecture. The students were briefed on the Indian legal system and its division of legal bodies from the Supreme court to the grass-root level of local self-government. It was an inter-disciplinary talk that branched into various aspects of sustainable progress. After the lecture, a question-answer session was held. Several questions on law, governance and sustainable growth were discussed. The session closed with Mr.Srinivas apprising the students on legal studies and the pursuit of a career in law. In a talk that was both informative and engaging, Mr Srinivas left the students with a deep understanding of the problems they will encounter as citizens of the modern world.

– Shreya Vikram, Grade 11 Student

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