Celebrating 25 Years of KC High

25th year anniversary celebrations of KC High designed a specific day to be out on the field playing, letting out the inner child and having fun, KC Squad games it was! On the 10th of February 2024, KC Squad Games were held in YMCA, Nandanam. There were 24 teams that competed against each other to soak in the bliss and the gift of bonding. In each team there were 4 team members exclusively focusing on the creatives, to create a buzz and stir for the event. The teams had the perfect mix of members across age groups, students from elementary, middle, high, teachers, staff, and parents. There were physical challenges and mental games that kept us all on the edge of our seats. Be it balancing on a pole, unscrambling words, climbing up a rope, or flipping a tyre..the teams outdid one another and was a feast to the audience. It was a blissful experience to see the teams form, come up with the creatives, overcome the hurdles and proudly march to the winning podium. Sincere gratitude to all the parent volunteers, teachers, staff, students, and vendors for the ideas, enthusiasm, creatives, and participation. KC Squad Games was a supreme showcase of soul, sweat, warrior grit, and a sense of belonging. Three cheers to all the squads! Go KC!


(C) KC High | IBDP & IGCSE Board Cambridge International School | Chennai, T.N., India