tedEX KC High Youth

Anjali Nayan Mistry

Teacher by accident but realizing it to be my ‘Ikigai’ is something that I am forever grateful for. I love kids as they truly teach the true essence of life to us- live as if there’s no tomorrow, laugh without hesitation, have a voice and yet be humble and grounded. Though reading and travelling are my hobbies, I  truly cherish cooking as my stress buster. One thing of both IB and Cambridge curriculums that I absolutely vouch for are discipline in the conduct of Cambridge and Freedom of working in IB. Being a teacher only makes me give more to the kids selflessly. I believe more in learning out of interest rather than concentrating on the scores. Only aptitude can decide one’s destiny and not scores.

KC High International School
Seeds of Hope- A momentous tree planting ceremony
KC High Graduation 2023