I am a  passionate educator with more than two decades of experience in art education at elementary and middle school levels.  I hold a Master’s degree in Sociology, a Diploma in drawing and painting, and a diploma in visual arts specializing in ceramics from Kalakshetra. I started my teaching career at the American international school Chennai when I was 23 years old. I currently teach at KIDS central high Cambridge international school and at Redwood Montessori School.  I am also passionate about bringing communities together through Art. I have been successfully working with the children of Bihar, a state where the literacy rate is below 20 percent.  Creative problem-solving is my mantra. I also have been running an art program on weekends so the children from various schools/communities can benefit.

 I am also the Executive Committee member of the Indian Art and Design educators Association and also the Co-Founder of the “little Big Mouths “arts debate association. I conduct workshops for teachers on developing a holistic Art curriculum and Integrating Arts into other content areas. I was recognized in the category of ‘Art Teaching Techniques’ as the runner-up at the 2018 Art Teacher Excellence Awards. I was also recognized in the category of “art for social change” as the winner 2019 Art Teacher excellence award. As an art educator, I provide a non-judgmental space for the children where they can explore Art with freedom! 


I am a Cheriyal artist, a folk art form that is exclusive to the state of Telangana. I have received numerous awards in recognition of my dedication to keeping the dying art form alive. 

I have exhibited my works nationally and internationally as well.

New Programs at Kids Central, RR Campus, Kotturpuram
KC High International School
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