G.A Gowtham

G.A. Gowtham is a seasoned story teller AKA Film Editor and a Specialist in Filmmaking Education. He holds a Master’s degree in Visual Communication from SRM University, Chennai, and has amassed over 12 years of experience in the Film Industry. Throughout his career, he has collaborated with esteemed figures in the industry, including Mohan Raja, Pa. Ranjith, Vijay Antony, and prestigious production houses such as Wunderbar Films, CV Kumar, 24AM STUDIOS, and People Media Factory, contributing as a Freelancer.

One of his notable achievements includes the accolade of his short film “Sweet Biriyani,” winning the Goa International Film Festival 2021 (IFFI) and receiving positive acclaim at other prestigious festivals, including the Mumbai International Film Festival (MIFF) and the Kerala International Documentary and Short Film Festival (IDFFK). This short film was lauded for its ability to convey a regional story through a unique and innovative narrative approach. The jury members particularly commended Gowtham’s editing style, characterized by the skillful combination of random and abstract shot sequences to craft a non-linear storytelling experience from the visual elements.

Additionally, Gowtham’s short film ‘Destinesia’ earned recognition by securing three awards, including Best Editing, at the Balu Mahendra Awards, named in honor of the legendary Director Balu Mahendra.
Furthermore, Gowtham has extended his expertise to various platforms, including web series, music videos, fashion videos, movie promotions, documentaries, and TV commercials. Notable among his TV commercial projects are brands like Nippon, Maggi, and Urbanrise (featuring Trisha).

As a Feature Film Editor, his recent work on the film ‘Takkar,’ featuring Siddharth and Yogi Babu, has garnered attention and acclaim within the industry.
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