Lakshmi Suresh Primary School Coordinator at KC High Kotturupuram Chennai IGCSE School

Lakshmi Suresh

Qualification: Bachelor of Science in Chemistry
Professional: Cambridge International Diploma for Teachers and Trainers
Others: Post Graduate Diploma in Marketing & Sales Management

I have been with Kids Central since 2008 and am currently the home room teacher for Leaping Lions, Kids Central’s class for the second graders. A chemist by education, I also hold a post graduate diploma in marketing management. It was my love for little children that brought me to primary school, where I quickly discovered that teaching young ones was what I was always meant to do.  I am passionate about keeping abreast with the latest in education science, particularly in the context of young learners. I completed the CIDTT program offered by Cambridge University in 2013.  I enjoy music, art and dance, and as a result, it is only natural that I often end up taking keen interest in the cultural activities at school.

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