Technology Day 2021

At KC High, we dedicate a day to understand and learn Technology for the betterment of self and for the community. During this day, high school learners collaborate with middle school learners, and middle school learners collaborate with primary learners on something new that they have learned with certain applications and software.

This year, the Technology day event was observed for two days. One for the learners at KC High on February 9th and another day for the teachers and admin staff members on February 11th. During the Technology day for students, Grade 6, 7 & 8 learners collaborated with Grade 3, 4 & 5 learners to help them understand Sketchpad, Sketchup and Scratch programming respectively. Because of the ongoing pandemic, all the sessions were run virtually with breakout rooms for every group of learners. Each group had about three to four junior learners and one senior learner to collaborate and facilitate the 45 minute session. Each group was like a mini-workshop where the learners had hands-on experience with the application and recorded their outcome in a padlet wall with a reflection.

Selective learners from High School collaborated with the non-tech Teachers and Admin staff members at KC High to help them integrate Technology with their day to day operations. All these sessions were also run virtually and based on choice of application from the staff members.

– ICT Department

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