Testimonial from Saadhana Seshadri – Project Lead, Power of Collective

Over the last couple of months grades 6 and upwards have been engaging with the students of the Kotturpuram High School.

What started as a small initiative ended on a beautiful note and has left us with a feeling of euphoric high. During the sessions, the students of grade 6 engaged in an organic gardening project. Students from grade 7 through 10, split themselves into 3 groups, basketball, football and dance. On the 16th of March, the students presented together as one community, their learning over the sessions.

The gardening students of both schools, were overjoyed as they walked us through their journey on how their seedlings grew into plants!

The students participating in the basketball and football groups, played matches in the form of a league, and were truly motivated to take their respective teams to great heights. The dance team, showcased an impressive performance; a culmination of all the dance moves, that they had learnt over the sessions.

Overall, it was not only a great experience, but many of us were deeply touched by the fact that we had forged genuine strong bonds of friendship with the students of the Kotturpuram School, instead of just superficial ones!

Saadhana Seshadri
Project lead
Grade 10
KC High

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