Weekly Reports by the Leaping Lions

 The Leaping Lions, as part of exploring report writing in LA, prepared and wrote their own weekly reports for the week of February 15-19. They took a total of 2 sessions to complete this feat. Each of the 5 groups works individually on their group’s weekly report by splitting and taking responsibility among themselves. In their own groups, the kids began by creating rough drafts of a report, based on what they explored during the week. 

a.) They first collected and recorded the information pertinent to their weekly report. 
b ) Paying attention to the various features of a nonfiction text that they had explored earlier, they added these features into their rough draft (title, subheadings, bullet points, illustrations etc.)
c.) Based on their rough draft which they came up with in one session of 45 minutes, they moved onto writing the fair copy of the weekly report in the next session, the very next day. 
d.) Each learner was assigned a subject and pointers were given about what they explored in each of these subjects. The kids using this information formatted the fair copy of the weekly report using the various features of a nonfiction text, and wrote a report of the subject that they were assigned. 
e.) The learners finished their weekly reports on an average of about 1 hour and turned them in, for proofreading. 
f.) The weekly reports were then published on Seesaw, in each of the 5 individual groups namely Adventurers, Discoverers, Explorers, Scouts and Voyagers. 
The writing of the weekly report proved to be an engaging means to teach kids about writing reports and the nuances of the same. 

Team Leaping Lions

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